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Oadby House
Physiotherapy &
Sports Injury Clinic

Established in 1991

21 Wigston Road

Tel: 0116 2710723

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Integrating Evidence-Based Acupuncture into Physiotherapy for the Benefit of the Patient


From 8:30 until early evening Monday to Friday

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Acupuncture is a medical treatment which can relieve symptoms of some physical and psychological conditions and encourage the patient's body to heal and repair itself, if it is able to do so.
Acupuncture stimulates the fine network of nerves running in the skin and sometimes nerves in the deeper tissues too. These then affect the central nervous system, blocking pain and altering the nervous system's control of other bodily organs.
Modern research shows that acupuncture can affect most of the body's systems - the nervous system, muscle tone, hormone outputs, circulation, antibody production and allergic responses, as well as the respiratory, digestive, urinary and reproductive systems.
acupunctureEach patient's case will be assessed by the practitioner and treatment will be tailored to the individual.

Pain relief is one of the ways in which acupuncture may be effective. It can help a wide variety of conditions including migraines, backache, trapped nerves, frozen shoulder and other kinds of arthritic and rheumatic pain. It can also be useful in relieving post operative and post injury pain, such as following sports injuries.

Oadby House Physiotherapy Clinic. 21 Wigston Road, Oadby, Leicester. LE2 5QF Tel: 0116 2710723